One of the perks of having a winter wedding in Boston, where the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall, is that your food options are in a completely different realm from the summertime. Instead of worrying whether food is too heavy for a hot summer day, winter brides can revel in the coziness of their season and put comfort food on their menu. The Catered Affair balances flavor and comfort in winter menus to achieve a menu that won’t weigh guests down, but that will appeal to them and warm them on a cold winter’s day.

As you consider planning your winter wedding menu, take inspiration from some of the delightful items we’ve developed for menus for our winter brides and events.

Explore Alternatives to Chicken and Fish

These lighter protein options are popular for spring and summer events, but winter lends itself to a richer choice. Some of our favorites include:

Add Some Spice to Your Night

Heartier menus provide the opportunity to add spiciness to the seasonings. Guests appreciate the warmth from within in a way that they might not on a warmer night. Delicious ways of incorporating heat include:

Think Back to Childhood

Refine childhood favorites to create fun and elegant bites for your guests. Some of our ideas include:

We love planning gorgeous winter weddings in Boston and around Massachusetts at our highlighted venues. Our unique winter wedding ideas create a cohesive look for our brides, from the food to the decor, that provides a warm and cozy respite from the winter cold for guests.