Jewel Tones

jewel tone decor
jewel tone decor
jewel tone decor
jewel tone decor
Design Inspiration

 One of the hottest trends for 2023, jewel tone colors inspired by precious gems like emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, topaz yellow, and deep turquoise are the life of the party. Working with one dominant hue paired with complementary accents maintains a cohesive aesthetic; you can play with accents and unique details from there. Décor becomes vibrant and luxurious using saturated colors reminiscent of precious gemstones to add luxury to the evening. Incorporate metallic accents like gold, silver, or copper to add shine to table settings, custom bars, and seating. Add candles of mixed shapes, heights, and designs for an elegant look and soft glow. 

Jewel-tone textiles work well when mixed and matched with other complementary designs. It’s striking when pairing a solid jewel-tone fabric with a patterned or textured one to create a visually stunning styled look. You can select high-quality fabrics as the base for your jewel-tone designs, such as velvet, silk, satin, brocade, and chenille, which work well. Embellishments of metallic threads, sequins, beads, and crystals add sparkle and radiate the brilliance of gemstones. Dramatic lighting and live sultry music enhance the room’s mood, immersing guests in a luxurious world.

Explore culinary, dessert, an craft cocktail inspiration inspired by the hottest trend of the season.

Culinary Inspiration

BABY BEETS | whipped honey ricotta, lemon + seed granola

CRISPY CHICKPEA CAKES | tzatziki + smoked tomato jam


BEEF TENDERLOIN CROSTINI | artichoke + arugula pesto, asiago 


Fresh berries with crème fraîche + brown sugar
Blackberry mousse, shaved honeydew
Petite blueberry + raspberry meringue

Craft Cocktails

 Amethyst Royale, Kir Royale, and White Diamond Bubbles are served in radiant stemware with edible gold or silver leaf for an extravagant special touch.