Wintry Whites

Design Inspiration

A wintry white design theme is a classic, timeless choice that exudes elegance and sophistication. Interesting variations of a single hue, such as ivory, eggshell, and alabaster, mixed with deep evergreen, are a feast for the eyes. Incorporate specialty lighting to highlight classic winter whites with natural and textured elements such as evergreen, birch, and pine. Place gorgeous white floral arrangements in crystal or mercury vases to add sparkle and elegance to the party.

Embracing a monochromatic and contemporary look is an effortless way to design a brilliant guest experience. White furniture gives the space a sense of sophistication, so style faux fur pillows on couches and chairs to create inviting conversational vignettes. The layering of textures will prevent the all-white design from looking flat; add a pop of metallic accents like silver or gold for a touch of luxury. With these ideas, your winter party will be a captivating soiree.

Culinary Inspiration

Passed Hors d’ oeuvres 

WHITE YAM CROQUETTE | smoked maple miso, cocoa nibs, pickled grapes

CACIO E PEPE CHEESE PUFFS | black pepper-parmesan cheese + ricotta

STEAK AU POIVRE CROSTINI | green peppercorn-cognac cream

FOIE GRAS ECLAIR | cherry white chocolate, pistachio

BROILED OYSTER | sea urchin butter, black lime, shiso, bonito flakes

SEARED DIVER SCALLOPS | cauliflower purée, celery leaves, mustard cress-black truffle vinaigrette


Chocolate + Cheese Table

Fresh fruit, lightly salted roasted nuts, artisanal handmade chocolates, raw organic chocolates, local New England cheeses, sliced baguette

Enchanting Elixirs

Vanilla Chai Old Fashioned, White Godiva Chocolate Martini, Classic Champagne Cocktail