Rendezvous in the Piazza: Corporate Events at Harvard Art Museums

Harvard Art Museums, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is home to one of the largest and most renowned art collections in the United States. The museum venue is ideal for entertaining corporate clients, hosting employee events, and celebrating company milestones and recognitions. The museum is in Harvard Square, an appealing event destination for local and out-of-town guests.

calderwood courtyard
cambridge corporate events
Triangle Constellation, Carlos Amorales

Italian Architecture

Harvard Art Museum’s renovation and expansion builds on the legacies of three museums and unites their remarkable collections under one roof for the first time. Renzo Piano’s responsive design preserved the Fogg Museum’s landmark 1927 facility while transforming the space to accommodate twenty-first-century needs. The three constituent museums retain their distinct identities in this new facility, yet their proximity provides exciting opportunities to experience works of art in a broader context.

cambridge corporate events

cambridge corporate events

Museum Events

Browse world-class art collections and mingle among the works of legendary artists Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gough. Designed in the style of an Italian piazza, the stunning architecture paired with The Catered Affairs’ culinary artistry creates an unforgettable masterpiece, transporting guests to another world. Sip a Bourbon Limoncello Cocktail or an elegant glass of Prosecco while enjoying the genuinely captivating Italian-inspired ambiance.

Guests who experience a corporate event here will be transported to a place of pure grandeur. They will be entranced by the courtyard’s gallery views, majestical arches, travertine columns, and an impressive glass ceiling designed to capture light in the most effective and complementary ways. Whether enjoying an extravagant dinner or dancing across bluestone floors, the Calderwood Courtyard is covered from top to bottom in details worth indulging and sharing with others.

Considering hosting a corporate event in Cambridge? The Catered Affair elevates an average event into an extraordinary experience. Our dedication to exceeding client expectations is matched only by our commitment to flawless service and culinary excellence. With over forty years of celebrated success, we assure you that you are in the best hands with The Catered Affair!

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