Real Wedding Spotlight: Harvard Art Museums

“Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is Eternity.” – Kahlil Gibran

Step into the enchanting world of Caitlin Nasema Cassidy and Geoffrey Kanick, a couple whose love story revolves around the magic of community and creativity. Geoff, a magician and theatremaker from Washington, found his kindred spirit in Caitlin, an actor, director, and producer from Massachusetts. Join us as we explore their vibrant and joyful wedding celebration at Harvard Art Museums.”

An Artsy Museum Wedding

For Caitlin and Geoff, the decision to celebrate their marriage at a museum held profound significance. Their journey together began amidst the hallowed halls of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, where their first date unfolded. The thread of their love story continued to intertwine with the artful ambiance of cultural spaces, culminating in a memorable engagement at The Met in New York City. Their museum wedding celebrates the essence of who they are as a couple and their passion for the arts.

Caitlin recalls, “When we stepped into Calderwood Courtyard in the heart of Harvard Art Museums, we looked at each other and knew: This is it!” Within the captivating Calderwood Courtyard—the museum’s vibrant heart—guests come together to celebrate, dine, and dance, surrounded by the museum’s exquisite ambiance. Transformed into a vision of wedding enchantment, the museum ensures an unforgettable experience where every moment is a masterpiece.

Vibrant Vision

The wedding unfolded as a vibrant tapestry woven with non-traditional, eclectic elements infused with a Mediterranean flair. Bold hues such as cobalt blue, lemon yellow, and bright orange infused the atmosphere with dynamic self-expression. Incorporating the hand-painted designs of Sicilian artist Gabriella Picone into the decor added a personal touch to the celebration. This collaborative effort extended to floral and lighting designers, resulting in a visually stunning and harmonious experience. ”When it came to dress code, we encouraged our guests to go big, bold, and fabulous!” says Caitlin.

The Planning

From the outset, The Catered Affair (TCA) provided Caitlin and Geoff with a seamless planning experience, striking the perfect balance between structure and flexibility. By genuinely understanding their love story, vision, and priorities, TCA catered to a day of significance and meaning for the couple. On the wedding day, Caitlin and Geoff were confident that the TCA team would handle every detail flawlessly, enabling them to immerse themselves fully in the moment.

The couple shared, “TCA coordinated all of the elements seamlessly—from the layout of the space to the import of Lebanese wine to coordinating a surprise musical performance in cahoots with our parents, to executing the yummiest Mediterranean-inspired menu that accommodated all of our loved ones’ dietary needs. We are in awe of the TCA team—hospitality heroes, one and all!”


Botanical dreams blossomed into reality, courtesy of Maddi Haley from Absūna Studio. Each tablescape was meticulously crafted to evoke the essence of an enchanted garden. Gabriella’s design featured a vibrant collage of festive fruits, colorful flowers, and human forms. The couple drew inspiration from their families’ histories and love of the natural world. The chickadee, for example, comes from the wedding invitations that Cait’s parents, Tom and Joan, hand-painted themselves in 1975. Sustainability was paramount, with locally sourced and seasonal plants arranged in eco-friendly ceramic vessels. Maddi’s artistry extended beyond the event, with guests invited to take home portable paper vases, promoting eco-friendly creativity.

Planning Advice

Caitlin and Geoff offer invaluable advice to engaged couples: prioritize love and begin with the guest list. Infuse the planning process with collaboration from your vendor partners, ensuring that every aspect of the celebration reflects your love story. To conclude, the couple shared, “Amidst the festivities, pause to soak in the love surrounding you,” they advise. This reflective moment, woven into their vows, has become a cherished memory that will last a lifetime.

harvard art museums wedding

harvard art museums wedding

Read below for the wedding day menu:

Specialty Cocktails

Paloma | Tequila, Grapefruit Juice, Sparkling Water, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup

Summer Manhattan | Jim Beam bourbon, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters, bourbon cherry

Mocktail | The Grapefruit Collins | grapefruit juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, club soda

harvard art museums wedding


The Menu

Crispy Chickpea Cakes | tzatziki + smoked tomato jam
Spiced Lamb Sliders | red onion chutney, saffron aioli, micro greens, pickled onions
Mediterranean Crostini | baba ghanoush, castelvetrano olive + celery leaf salad (vegan)
Tender Seasonal Greens | nasturtium blossoms, herb chèvre toast, champagne vinaigrette
Seared Salmon | robuchon potato, asparagus, english peas, fava beans, black truffle butter
Vegan Confit Eggplant | crisp garlic + brown butter crumb, herbs, black olive couscous, harissa aioil

Wedding Cake and Jim’s Organic Coffee


harvard art museums wedding


Explore unparalleled beauty at Harvard Art Museums, where the finest works of art from around the globe await. Thinking of planning a museum wedding? Caitlin and Geoff extend their hope every engaged couple’s journey to be as exquisitely beautiful and uniquely unforgettable as theirs!


Creative Credits

Stage Manager: Adele Traub
Caterer: The Catered Affair @thecateredaffair
Ceremony and Reception Floral Designer: Maddi Haley of Absūna @absuna__
Photographers: Emma Mead @theemmaexperience & Mollie Vogt-Welch
Wedding Graphic and Tablecloth Designer: Gabriella Picone @iddastudio
Reception Lighting Designer: Frost Lighting @frostboston
DJ: Freddy Fontaine (aka DJ Backspin) @djbackspinent
Belly Dancer: Kali Cornaglia @kali_inbellydanceland
Percussionist: Kanaan Kahde @ kk_the_percussionist
“All You Need is Love” Band Leader: Walter Platt Jr with coordination by Kim Rezendes (in loving memory of Kenny Hadley)

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