Exploring Boston’s Neighborhood Flavors

Taste of Boston Theme Party!

Welcome to Boston! Imagine Boston’s iconic neighborhoods’ vibrant flavors and unique culinary heritage at a catered event. From the historic North End to the bustling Seaport District, we’ll take you on a food journey through the city’s diverse culinary landscape. TCA’s robust venue portfolio offers event locations for a ‘wicked’ excellent Taste of Boston experience. There’s just something about New England’s largest city’s history and culture that is entirely captivating.

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Culinary Exploration
Boston’s Chinatown  

Experience the vibrant streets of Chinatown, where lanterns line the pathways and rich aromas fill the air. Treat your taste buds to a mouthwatering array of Chinese dishes, from dim sum and dumplings to Peking duck and Szechuan specialties. Mesmerizing performances and captivating live music will delight guests as they eat from compostable Chinese takeout boxes with custom chopsticks. Design elements include Lily and Snap Dragon flowers, lush foliage, oranges, and pomelo fruit displays. 

Dim Sum
Shrimp shu mai, pork shu mai, Peking duck ravioli, vegetable spring rolls

Szechuan beef and chicken
Sesame lo Mein noodles, soba noodles, and dragon noodles with carrots, snow peas, and scallions

Tsingtao Pale Lager & Mandarin Ginger Mocktail 

corporate catered events boston


The Seaport   

Experience urban chic by the Waterfront! Immerse yourself in the Seaport’s sleek modernity and maritime charm, where skyscrapers meet the sea. ICA Boston offers stunning panoramic views of the harbor, creating a backdrop that’s as breathtaking as it is inspiring. Are you looking to bring the flavor of The Seaport to another venue in Boston? No problem! The Catered Affair partners with unique Boston event venues perfect for catered events. 


corporate catered events boston

From fresh seafood to creative cocktails infused with local ingredients, our menu will surely delight even the most discerning palates.  

The Seaport
Maine crab cakes with Bully Boy Bourbon mustard aioli
3oz traditional New England lobster roll with house-made lemon aioli, celery, and chive
New England clam chowder with oyster crackers

Raw Bar
Served with mignonette, cocktail sauce, tabasco sauce, and lemon wedges
Island Creek oysters, Littleneck clams, U12 shrimp, Jonah crab legs 

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, milestone celebration, or social gathering, our Seaport-inspired party promises to be an unforgettable catered experience. Boston: Where the lobsters are funny, and the accents are wicked.


North End Feast 

Experience the essence of Italy with a menu inspired by Boston’s historic North End. Our Italian feast celebrates the rich tapestry of immigrant culture that defines this iconic neighborhood. Lose yourself in the lively atmosphere, surrounded by good company and the sounds of laughter and conversation. Let the flavors transport you to sun-drenched vineyards, bustling marketplaces, and charming cobblestone streets. 


corporate catered events boston

Fresh Made Pasta
Tonnarelli pasta carbonara with Spring peas
Ricotta ravioli with garlic and herb roasted tomatoes, and pesto cream
Italian meatballs with house-made marinara
Penne bolognese

Mini Pizzas
Margherita, pepperoni, roasted veggie pizzas
Fresh Pasta and sauces 
Sausage, onion, & pepper cones
Caprese salad skewers 

Cannoli, Gelati
Fried dough | cinnamon-sugar, powdered sugar 

Align your event with one of Boston’s North End’s four major feasts and processions to enhance it with the neighborhood’s vibrant energy. Explore the North End—there is so much to do!  


Fenway Park 

Let’s play ball! Get ready to experience the thrill and excitement of Fenway Park like never before. Our exclusive theme event is your ticket to an unforgettable evening filled with fun, laughter, and the spirit of America’s favorite pastime. To add extra excitement, schedule a tour of Fenway Park before your event.  

Indulge in Classic Ballpark Fare. Treat your taste buds to a mouthwatering selection of Fenway favorites, from hot dogs and peanuts to gourmet popcorn and ice-cold beverages. 

corporate catered events boston

Haute Dogs + Brew 
croissant-wrapped pigs in a blanket
chili, cheese + cornmeal pigs in a blanket
trio of mustard dipping sauces
beer-tasting trio served in mini pints 

Pretzels with a Twist
warm buttered pretzels with coarse sea salt 
asiago + bacon cheese sauce
spinach + artichoke dip
served with traditional ballpark + truffled parmesan popcorn in paper cones 

Red Sox Nation
caramel popcorn • candied apples • yodels • cinnamon-sugar churros with salted caramel sauce 

Local Craft Beer Garden 

Craft beer has thrived in New England, boasting breweries that cater to diverse tastes. Samuel Adams Boston Lager is an iconic choice, celebrated for its balanced flavor and crisp finish. Meanwhile, employee-owned Harpoon Brewery’s IPA offers a zesty citrus hop character with a touch of bitterness. 


Beacon Hill 

Steeped in rich tradition and history, Beacon Hill has played a pivotal role in shaping Boston’s identity. Nearby, the Boston Public Garden offers a lush retreat amid the city’s hustle and bustle. As America’s first public botanical garden, it showcases a stunning array of flowers, trees, and the iconic Swan Boats. The garden is also home to several statues, including the famous “Make Way for Ducklings” sculpture, making it a beloved destination. Make sure to consider hosting your Beacon Hill-inspired at Boston Athenaeum. 

Buffet Menu

Orange-marinated turkey breast with apricot mustard
Slow-roasted New England cod with chive beurre blanc
Herb-roasted fingerling potatoes, local vegetables with confit shallots and herbs
Quinoa and baby kale salad with Spring peas, artichokes, and sunflower seeds
Warm dinner rolls with sweet butter 

POM PUNCH | Seedlip 94, mulled berry mors, sultan pomegranate molasses  

Indulge in the timeless charm and sophistication of Boston’s historic Beacon Hill neighborhood with an unforgettable party in one of the city’s most iconic locales. 


corporate catered events boston

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Step into a world where Boston’s rich culinary traditions come to life. Our event producers are dedicated to curating unforgettable experiences where every detail, from the menu to the ambiance, celebrates Boston’s culinary excellence.  Contact us today to begin planning your Boston experience!  


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