The Hottest 2024 Catering Trends – It’s Party Time!

The Catered Affair is the leading experiential wedding caterer in New England. Clients rely on their award-winning expertise to create an extraordinary atmosphere through brilliant food, flawless food, and stunning experiences. 

See what’s hot in wedding catering for the ultimate 2024 party experience.  

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Cocktail Party Receptions  

An evening filled with endless food, drinks, and revelry is a top priority, with custom party-centric weddings on the menu for 2024. The culinary experience is three-dimensional, a journey of the couple’s tastes, preferences, and shared experiences. Imagine this: that unforgettable first date meal, now transformed into bite-sized wonders, offering a charming peek into the couple’s unique love story. Caterers will see a decrease in traditional plated dinners and usher in immersive strolling receptions brimming with unique flavors, rich aromas, and delectable textures. Expertly crafted two-bite ‘entrees’ or small plates keep guests satisfied and maintain a lively energy throughout the event.

Popular passed small plates:

SWEET PEA AGNOLOTTI | heirloom carrots, brown butter purée
FISH + CHIPS | crispy beer-battered hake + shoestring fries, malt vinegar-tartar sauce
MURGH MAKHANI | Indian butter chicken, basmati, cilantro, naan

Caterers are creating an evening filled with endless menu delights, curated drinks, and an electrifying atmosphere that encourages mingling and revelry. Strolling receptions break away from the norm and promise to add an extra layer of excitement and socializing to the celebration. Let your wedding be a feast for the senses, where each bite tells a story, and every moment celebrates love and connection.



Personalized Menus  

Personalized and custom cuisine offerings transform every bite into a bespoke adventure. In 2024, couples will ask for highly curated menus reflecting their relationships, hobbies, and interests. Imagine assembling your personalized salad from a vibrant ‘garden’ of the freshest ingredients. Dive into the art of crafting sushi rolls; each bite is a testament to your distinct taste. Or, let your creativity run wild as you curate a personalized seasoning for our chefs to sprinkle on fresh seafood, expertly grilled right before your eyes. Best of all? Every flavor, each dish, and every bite will be remembered. Healthy farm-to-table options from local sources are a significant aspect of the culinary experience for 2024.  

Trending Interactive Food Stations: 

SEAFOOD STATION | Watch New England oyster shuckers in action!
island creek oysters, green apple mignonette
petite crab + cod cakes, mango-chili salsa
swordfish skewers, lime-gin butter

SALAD “COCKTAILS” |  TCA ‘Garden Mixologists’ use cocktail shakers to mix and serve it in unique stemless glassware. 
• Maine shrimp, orzo + pink grapefruit, citrus vinaigrette
• New England succotash, basil-chive dressing
• Caprese salad with grape tomato, bocconcini, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil

CEVICHE BAR | served with crisp tortilla strips, ahi tuna + avocado • yellowtail + grapefruit • scallop with tomato + cucumber • organic vegetable

Ricky Rodriguez Photography

Posh Mocktails 

A beverage trend has emerged in 2024—the rise of zero-proof cocktails featured on the bar menu. The dull old standards—juice, fountain soda, or water—are out, and contemporary curated sips are in. This isn’t just about offering an alcohol-free alternative; it’s a celebration of creativity and flavor that reflects the diverse and evolving preferences of the modern couple. Anticipate an exquisite array of mocktails featuring artisanal ingredients, unique flavor profiles, and unexpected and sophisticated pairings. The artful presentation of these mocktails is set to rival their alcoholic counterparts, making them a perfect choice for guests to toast with. Trendy examples to include at the bar include –   

GARDEN 108, Seedlip 108, pressed cucumber apple juice, lavender sugar water, fresh lime juice 

AT LAST   Ritual gin alternative, pressed honeydew juice, peach sugar water, plum bitters. 

2024 Catering Trends

Endless Desserts

Not having a wedding cake isn’t a revolutionary modern-day concept; however, adding an epic display of decadent sweets is having a moment. Our clients want to take the dessert reception to new heights, transforming it into an experience beyond the ordinary, typically in a separate space with a fresh look and feel. Custom dessert displays, flavorful cordials, and thoughtfully curated aperitifs add a sophisticated note to post-dinner festivities. From monochromatic color displays to nostalgic sweets and personalized touches, they combine to create the unexpected. The options are endless: homemade pop tarts, jar pies, cheesecake pops, caramel popcorn, whoopie pies, and more!   

COUNTRY FAIR TREATS | served with whimsy and wonder!
caramel popcorn • candied apples • deep-fried s’mores • fried cupcakes • chocolate-covered bacon • funnel cake

MAKE YOUR OWN S’MORES | cooked over “hibachis with sterno” (safe for indoor use)
marshmallows • graham crackers • Hershey’s chocolate bars • york peppermint patties • heath bars

DONUT BAR | house-made full + bite-sized donuts
sauces of chocolate, butterscotch, caramel + peanut butter; sprinkles, coconut, chopped peanuts, bacon, m+m’s

2024 catering trends

2024 catering trends

Late Nite Fuel 

Why end the night with simply dessert? Late-night snacks are a staple of any well-planned fete, whether the after-party or the desire to energize guests on the dance floor. Offering this unexpected element continues the progressive culinary journey and creates an ending everybody will enjoy. Trending on menus: Fried Chicken and Waffles with Jalapeno-maple Syrup, Truffled Parmesan Tater Tots, Deep-fried s’mores, Mini Cones of Sorbet, and much more. And you can never go wrong with a surprise food truck at midnight with a custom design serving nostalgic bites! 

2024 catering trends

FRENCH TOAST STICKS | salted maple-caramel sauce
CRISPY CHICKEN FINGERS | in tiny paper bags

MINI ICE CREAM FLOATS | root-beer • creamsicle • coca-cola

FRITES BAR | steak fries, sweet potato fries, tater tots, buttermilk battered onion rings, zucchini fries with toppings of cheddar sauce, beef chili, poutine, sriracha-ketchup, buttermilk ranch, chipotle aioli, malt vinegar, truffle salt

2024 catering trends

At The Catered Affair, we’re elevating the art of culinary craftsmanship and blending innovation with tradition to curate a dining experience that transcends expectations. Our role as the leading experiential wedding caterer in New England is to tell the couple’s story and create an extraordinary atmosphere through the unexpected. Cheers to 2024!


Written by: Kori Carter Gillespie is the Director of Brand Marketing @thecateredaffair in Boston, Massachusetts. Kori is a content writer passionate about crafting brand stories for boutique lifestyle brands. 

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