Best. Party. Ever. Unconventional Celebrations: Where Personality Outshines Wedding Traditions

On the Menu: Strolling Receptions

Party-centric catering takes center stage, with couples prioritizing evenings filled with endless food, drinks, and revelry. An engaging culinary experience reflects the couple’s desire to connect authentically rather than conform to predefined wedding formats.

Indulgent Sweet Escapes

When it comes to traditional wedding cakes, personality wins out. We chatted with Nancy Zhou, Founder of Silver Whisk Bake Shop in Boston, which offers clients artisan cakes and confections that blend modern flair with Asian-inspired twists. Nancy encourages couples to break tradition, saying, ‘It’s your day. Make it how you want it!’. Fan favorites like Salted Egg Yolk Caramel, Adzuki Bean, and Orange Cardamom delight clients.

The Party

We caught up with the esteemed professionals Ashley Saffer and Renee Sabo, Founding Partners and Creative Directors of Baciare Events—a leading planning and design firm renowned for crafting unforgettable experiences.

Brilliant Food.   Flawless Service.   Stunning Experiences.






The Catered Affair

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