Styling a Harvest Table

Everyone has been so busy prepping their menus and getting ready to prepare a delectable feast. While it’s important to give the menu and food its due, at The Catered Affair, we also like to spend some time thinking about the table itself, adding another visual element to the meal. Your table setting helps shape the ambiance for the day from the moment your guests walk into the door, and helps to generate excitement around the holiday and the food you’ve prepared. The Catered Affair’s Event Designer, Ed Quinones, has shared a few tips on developing the perfect festive harvest design for your Thanksgiving table.

Keep it Clean and Simple

Mix Up the Centerpieces

Add in Pops of Seasonal Colors

However you choose to decorate your table, enjoy putting together the festive elements, develop your unique sense of design and style and lastly, make it an inviting place for your family and friends to celebrate together and give thanks! Have a great Thanksgiving!