Cheerful Citrus

Party Design Inspiration

Color palettes of bright and uplifting citrus tones instantly warm winter gatherings. Invite fresh, ripe, and sweet citrus fruits to the party: orange and red grapefruit, green lime and yellow lemon, tangerine, and kumquat tones radiate Vitamin D vibes. Keep to a bright and cheerful color palette, with these colors as the foundation for your décor choices. The secret to a sophisticated holiday party is to balance vibrant hues with elegant and refined elements, such as sleek embellishments with artistic flair.

Choose a stylish venue with ample natural light, or use specialty-colored lighting or candles to set the mood. Use a mix of citrus-colored linens, tableware, and floral arrangements to create an upscale ambiance. Play live background music that sets the spirit, such as jazz, adding an air of refinement. Use these suggestions to create an extraordinary winter event that will add a burst of sunshine to a chilly New England winter.

Culinary Intrigue
Passed hors d’ Oeuvres

GOAT CHEESE CROSTINI | blood orange + black pepper marmalade

LAMB LOLLIPOPS | preserved lemon chutney

FOIE GRAS STUFFED MORELS | artichoke mousse, blood orange hollandaise

CODFISH CAKES | pineapple-chili salsa

HAMACHI SASHIMI | yuzu, ponzu + kumquat

Passed Desserts

Lemon cheesecake pops
Key lime pie bites
Fresh fruit tartlets, lemon curd
Blood orange sorbet, mini cones

Chocolate & Citrus Pairing

Chocolate’s rich, sweet, and creamy taste pairs well with acidic fruits like citrus and tang-like berries. Offer guests a hands-on experience tasting station adorned in bright linens and festive tasting plates. Feature dark, milk, white, ruby chocolate, and juicy citrus fruits; include tasting notes to educate guests about flavor profiles and preferred pairings.

Craft Cocktails

We love citrus-based cocktails like lemon martinis, lime mojitos, or blood orange spritzers. Elevate your catered holiday party by adding a mixologist to create custom cocktails for your guests, like Winter Citrus Margarita, Juniper + Tangerine Gin Fizz, and Citrus Sangria served in unique stemware.