Looking Ahead to 2021 + 2022 Weddings


Given the ongoing effects of a global pandemic, can we expect weddings to return to the more extravagant celebrations of old? Smaller guest lists are likely to continue, but will 2021 + 2022 maintain the new trends of intimate ceremonies and micro receptions that we’ve grown to love? Absolutely!

Part of the beauty and charm of these more intimate celebrations is replacing the extended guest list and crowded dance floors. Weddings are being held at small but significant locations that are as safe as they are unique, which means that couples don’t have to sacrifice their design ideas for a shorter guest list. Whether you’re looking for a historic landmark, an immersion into sophistication and architectural beauty, or the allure of contemporary art right at harbor-side, the perfect location speaks volumes about you as a couple. Select a spot that sings to your hearts and welcomes you to bask in the glory of your personal and exquisite wedding day vision!

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