Mitzvahs at the Boston Public Library

From a Marie Antoinette Lady in a Table greeting guests to endless back flips, break dancing, and sleight of hand entertainment, this Bat Mitzvah at the Boston Public Library was action-packed and punchy. Event Design and Management by Hopple Popple, the Bat Mitzvah was the perfect fashion-forward and fun affair that reflected the hosts personal style. Pop a shot was played during the “cocktail hour” in the Map Room Cafe to showcase her sporty side while the decor was full of punchy nuanced colors like teal, gold and white. For dinner, interactive dinner stations like a Taqueria Stand and fun small plates kept guests moving and shied away from the traditional seated dinner. A sundae bar and waffle station kept the sweet treats around all night long. Despite the blizzard blowing outdoors, the Mitzvah was a showcase of fun and exciting vendors in one of Boston’s most unique venues.

Photography by Gigi de Manio