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2017 LCA Northeast Winter

Mini Conference


   The Catered Affair was delighted to host the fourth Annual NE Winter Conference in Boston. We are really pleased with all of the positive feedback we have received from so many of you. From the formal sessions to the casual conversations throughout the two days, we hope that you and your team members learned a great deal from the experience.

   We’d like to give special thanks to the LCA guest moderators; Andy Snow, Harriet Dopkin, Jeffrey Miller and Robin Selden, as well as our guest speakers; Alan Berg, Jill Person, Liz Rightor-Roberts, Louisa Kasdon, Aaron Wisniewski and Sam Wisniewski.

  From the early stages of planning to the final farewell dinner at our commissary, we fully enjoyed our hosting role and look forward to seeing you in New Orleans in March!

January 9 and 10, 2017