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Plan your next celebration with The Catered Affair at the The Innovation and Design Building!

With its open and inspiring space, the Innovation and Design Building allows you to create
your own experience from scratch.

The Innovation and Design Building provides a 14,400 square-foot space with a standing capacity of 571 guests.
This event space is dedicated to the arts and technology and requires all events clients have a strong connection to these topics. This venue is not available for weddings or private social events.

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The Catered Affair at The Innovation & Design Building

The culinary experts at The Catered Affair have crafted brilliant core and specialty menus perfect for indulging your guests in the flavor of the city. Start exploring our culinary offerings with our Taste of Boston station menu,
and see where inspiration can take you!


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The Innovation and Design Building is located on the Boston waterfront in the Seaport District, only minutes from Logan International Airport and I-90. Along with direct access to the waterfront and major transportation routes
in the city, the Innovation and Design Building is in walking distance to the
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, one of the city’s largest convention centers.

The Seaport is Boston’s newest redevelopment, transitioning from it’s historical past as the city’s
industrial and shipping hub into a tech mecca and hip new neighborhood for the younger city upstarts!