Different Scenarios for Seated Dinner and Dancing

Insurance Requirements

The ICA requires that all private event hosts obtain liability insurance for the day of the event. This policy can be taken out through your homeowner’s insurance, car insurance or through a third party. The liability insurance is necessary to protect both you and the museum, should any issues arise during your event – i.e. broken furniture, damage to the artwork, damage to the building, etc. The museum requires this in advance of your event. The insurance you should be obtaining should include:

Liability and Property Damage insurance for protection against all liabilities related to the use or occupancy of the space, and operations identical thereto, with a minimum combined single limit of liability or not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate. This also applies to your vendors COI’s which our production team will help you to obtain from them.

Photos in the Galleries

Professional photos cannot be taken in the galleries, with the exception of the founder gallery for a post ceremony bride and groom photo with your photographer, video is not aloud in this space.  Should you decide to rent one of the galleries and your wedding guests would like to take personal photos on their phones and the like, they are welcome to do so! This will follow the ICA typical museum policy – there are just a few works in the galleries that cannot be photographed or where video cannot be taken, but those are clearly marked with a no-photo-symbol.