Following state and local guidances, The Catered Affair is providing services for small gatherings. 

Our comprehensive plan to support physical distancing, cleaning, and operational procedures in accordance with state guidelines provides added safety to our staff and your guests. 

If you do not find the answer to your question below, reach out to us.  Our team is here to give you peace of mind so that you may enjoy your event. 

How do state guidelines influence my event?

Who will be responsible to enforce these guidelines? 

Together with you (as the hosts), your guests, and The Catered Affair, we will commit to following the guidelines.  Signage will serve as reminders of local guidelines upon entry of the venue (event).  Our staff are well-versed and are ready to assist with any guest questions.  Your Producer or Sales Director will explain venue-specific procedures in advance of your event. 

 What will the signs look like? 

Following state and local guidelines, The Catered Affair has custom signs reminding your guests of the guidances. 

The information reminds guests and staff to: 

How many guests can I have? 

Massachusetts (excluding Boston):

Indoor event at a private residence: No more than 10 persons.

Outdoor event at a private residence (such as a backyard): No more than 25 persons.

Indoor event held at an event venue (e.g., hotels, private clubs, and space available for lease) or in a public setting (e.g., public parks): No more than 100 persons.

Outdoor events held at an event venue (e.g., hotels, private clubs, and space available for lease) or in a public setting (e.g., public parks): No more than 150 persons.

Effective May 29:

Subject to public health and vaccination data, gathering limits will increase to 200 people indoors and 250 people outdoors for event venues, public settings, and private settings.

Subject to public health and vaccination data, the restaurant guidance will be updated to eliminate the requirement that food be served with alcohol and to increase the maximum table size to 10.

Effective August 1:

All industry restrictions will be lifted at that time, and capacity will increase to 100% for all industries, with businesses encouraged to continue following best practices. The gathering limit will be rescinded.

Depending on vaccine distribution and public health data, the Administration may consider re-evaluating the August 1 date.


Effective April 30:

Public gatherings in Boston increased to 100 people indoors and 150 people outdoors.

All private gatherings and events in private residences will remain subject to current capacity limits of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors.

Effective June 19:

Both public and private gathering limits will increase to 200 people indoors and 250 people outdoors.

Rhode Island:

Catered Events: All catered events must have a licensed caterer and a COVID Event Specialist on-site. The capacity limits are up to 75% of regular seating capacity, 100 people for indoor events, and 200 people for outdoor events. Pre-event testing is required for guests at indoor venues with more than 15 attendees and outdoor venues with more than 50 attendees.

Effective May 28:

No limit on social gatherings.

State and Local guidance will determine the number of guests who can attend an event.  The Catered Affair will rely on the Host for compliance to these numbers. 

Will guests and staff be required to wear face masks? 

The team at The Catered Affair will wear attractive face coverings at all times, which include our service team members, culinary and support staff, and all onsite management staff. 

The venue will provide face covering for the security and venue administration team members. 

The Catered Affair and the venue will require guests to wear face coverings when not seated at a table as long as the guest is over the age of two and able to medically tolerate such covering.  While your guests are seated, masks are not required. 

Will there be extra hand sanitizers available for guests or will the wedding party be expected to provide these? 

The Catered Affair will provide these for your guests.  We will have hand sanitizers throughout the spaces.  You can coordinate with your Event Producer additional sanitizing stations upon your request. 

How often will high-touch areas be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized?  

The Catered Affair will ensure adherence to hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection requirements as advised by the CDC and DPH, including “Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfection of Public and Private Facilities for COVID-19,” and the “STOP THE SPREAD” poster, as applicable. The Catered Affair will clean and sanitize continuously, at least every hour, and as further needed. 

What will the ceremony look like? 

We will set up the ceremony site with segments of chairs.  Six chairs will be located together and no closer than six feet in proximity to another cluster of chairs. 


 What does our foodservice look like?  Can I have passed hors d’oeuvres, cocktail stations, or food vignettes? 

We have crafted your menu to reduce the amount of time guests will stand in line.  Similarly, buffets have been transitioned into single service, curated small plates.  These ready-to-eat, grab-and-go plates can be customized by one of our culinary team, as requested.  Your Event Producer will help you decide the perfect way to celebrate your event. 

 What will be different about our dining tables? 

According to current state guidelines, all guest silverware will be rolled in a napkin and placed at each place setting instead of being set as you might expect with forks on the left and knives on the right. 

The Catered Affair will not pre-set flatware and glassware for your dining table.  There are two options you can discuss with your Event Producer: