McKim Building

McKim Lobby

The low, broad entrance hall, divided into three aisles by heavy piers of Iowa sandstone, is of Roman design. The ceiling is vaulted, with domes in the side bays, and is covered with a marble mosaic. The thirty names lettered in the ceiling are of famous Bostonians. The floor is of white Georgia marble and is inlaid in the center aisle with brass inscriptions and symbols of the zodiac. Connecting the Entrance Hall with the main staircase is a deep triumphal arch. The marble of the steps is ivory gray Echaillon, mottled with fossil shells; that of the walls is a richly variegated yellow Siena. The great twin lions, couchant, on pedestals at the turn of the stairs are of unpolished Siena marble and are the work of Louis Saint-Gaudens. They are memorials to Massachusetts Civil War infantry regiments, the Second and the Twentieth. Guests are free to use this space for wedding ceremonies, Welcome Receptions or Cocktail Receptions.

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