TCA’s green initiatives help create an exceptional event that is globally and locally conscious. From sourcing locally grown produce to our behind-the-scenes commitments to creating less waste and recycling, sustainability is front of mind. Discover how our warehouse in Hingham is focused on recycling and water conservation in our day to day activities and test kitchen. As a New England based catering company, our use of local produce not only demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, but elevates our cuisine with a level of freshness unparalleled by other ingredients. Our tomatoes are juicier, our strawberries are sweeter, and our clients and their guests can see the difference in every dish we create. Beyond our buying-local initiatives, TCA strives to elevate our sustainability mission by following water conservation practices both on-site and in our test kitchen. We are committed to staying up on sustainability best practices and encourage our environmentally-conscious guests seeking green-alternatives to speak with our team while planning your event. At our Boston venues and through customizable catering services, we make environmentally friendly choices that affirm your decision to select TCA. When planning your next wedding or corporate party, please talk with your TCA event producer and discover how we can make your event especially environmentally conscious.

The Dish

What’s Cookin’ at TCA: The New Lobster Bake

Being a New England catering company and approaching the summertime means one thing here at TCA: our clients want seafood, usually on the beach or in some outdoor setting. Lobster bakes are popular choices for rehearsal dinners.